Leader in umbrella and piggybacking services, the SRSI Group provides offshore solutions over 10 years. Composed of three entities : SRSI Andorra, SRSI Portage Costa Rica et SRSI portage Maurice, we offer you the same benefits as a French umbrella company without the legal and tax disadvantages.

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Our three umbrella companies manage a broad pool of expatriated professionals of all nationalities performing missions within its specific legal framework. We are handling, thus, all the recruitment processes including: :

  • Employment contract drafting

  • Payroll services

  • Insurances affiliation

  • Employer-to-employee relationship

and any other specific request, of our clients, employees or employers.

We can also guide you during all the stagesof the expatriation of your tax residence.

Moreover, the SRSI Group offers you the opportunity of relocating your business whenever the situation is more favourable and better adapted to your needs. We will evaluate the relatives opportunities with you on this relocating, while managing the administrative and legal aspects of your business.

Moreover, the SRSI Group, despite its offshore company status, allows, the willing French expatriates, to maintain their pension insurance schemes. We can also provide a private social security and a complementary funded pension scheme for all nationalities..

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